The YMCA was established in 1844 in London, by George Williams and his colleagues, as a viable answer to the needs of young people confronted with the new social-economic situation of the 19th century. 


George Williams
George Williams

The YMCA in the Czech Republic was re-established in November 1992 before the splitting of Czechoslovakia into two independent states. The YMCA however has had a long history in the country which dates back to 1919, when the Army YMCA operated in Czechoslovakia. In 1921 the YMCA in Czechoslovakia was accepted as a full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs. Supported by the YMCA of the USA the Czechoslovak YMCA played an important role in Czechoslovak sports, politics, religion and its social and cultural life until 1951. When the communist party took control of the country the YMCA was closed as an undesirable organisation.


Currently the YMCA in the Czech Republic works through 25 local associations in towns and villages in the Czech Republic. The associations organise activities according to the needs of the local community where they operate. The YMCA in the Czech Republic is member of the World Alliance of YMCAs and the European Alliance of YMCAs (YMCA Europe).


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Akademická YMCA, Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1
YMCA Braník, , Praha
YMCA Brno, Kounicova 3, Brno
YMCA Děčín, , Děčín
YMCA Familia, Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1
YMCA Hradec Králové, Šafaříkova 666, Hradec Králové
YMCA Husinec, , Husinec
YMCA Jindřichův Hradec, , Jindřichův Hradec
YMCA Klatovy, , Klatovy
YMCA Letohrad, ,
YMCA Liberec, Czech, , Liberec
YMCA Mělník, ,
YMCA Neveklov, , Neveklov
YMCA Olomouc, Šafaříkova 7, Olomouc
YMCA Orlová, Palackého 787, Orlová
YMCA Ostrava - Poruba, Rošického 106, Ostrava
YMCA Praha, Na Poříčí 12, Praha
YMCA Setkání, ,
YMCA Strmilov, ,
YMCA T. S., ,
YMCA Třebechovice, ,
YMCA v ČR - ústředí, Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1
YMCA v Ústí nad Labem, Hradiště 4, Ústí nad Labem
YMCA Živá rodina, Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1
YMCA Znojmo, ,