Camps are one of the important means by which YMCA has enriched the lives of young people from its beginning. The well known places are the Masaryk’s camp Soběšín and Vlčice camp near Jindřichův Hradec. Both of these camp-sites are still run by YMCA today (with a break of over 40 years during the years of fascism and communism). 

In the beginning camps used to be organised separately for boys and girls. The programme focused mainly on sports, but the aspects of Mind and Spirit have never been forgotten.

YMCA seniors gather every year at camp Soběšín where they share their memories of the summer camps that they used to attend as young boys.

Nowadays the YMCA runs around 60 camps a year – each local YMCA organises camps with different focuses – sports, tourism or scouting; or camps with creative or spiritual programmes.

You can find more information about actual camps on the web pages of our local YMCAs.


Do you know...?

Do you know...?

Basketball was devised in 1891 by Canadian James Naismith of the YMCA Sports School in Springfield, Massachusetts.