European Voluntary Service (EVS) 

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a part of the European programme 'Erasmus +'. EVS provides young people with unique chance to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country within or outside the EU. In this way, it seeks to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people, thus contributing to reinforcing social cohesion in the European Union and to promoting young people's active citizenship. Open to all young people aged 17 to 30, EVS is a true 'learning service'. EVS spans a wide range of areas, such as culture, youth, sports, social care, cultural heritage, the arts, civil protection, the environment, development co-operation, etc. To find information on EVS projects there is the European EVS database: http://europa.eu/youth/evs_database

In the Czech Republic, European Voluntary Service programme is represented by the Czech National Agency. YMCA in the Czech Republic has been involved in EVS since 2001, and during this period it has helped more than 100 volunteers to experience voluntary projects abroad (in countries such as Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Norway, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Slovakia, Poland or Ireland) and dozens to be hosted in some of the local YMCAs in the Czech Republic.

YMCA in the Czech Republic is EVS accredited sending organization.

Do you know...?

Do you know...?

Volleyball was invented in 1895 by Wiliam G. Morgan of Holyoke YMCA in the US state of Massachusetts.