Leadership Trainings

Change Agents

The YMCA Change Agent Programme is an international leadership development programme to empower YMCA young leaders and grow the ability of the movement to serve more young people, with special emphasis on local associations. The aim of the programme is to positively impact the lives of young people in the world and is an investment in our organisation’s unity and sustainability.

3rd Cohort is running in 2017/2018. Czech YMCA is represented by its 4 members from local associations of YMCA Sever, YMCA Plzeň and YMCA Praha. 













YMCA Leadership Academy

The training course of YMCA Europe is aimed at training young Board members (potential and promising young leaders) who will be able to work in local, national and international contexts as well.

1st workshop of the Leadership Academy "Strategic planning and Project management" is 24-29 April in France.

As new generations of leaders are growing, we want to ensure their growth as professionals and create an International network. The "Leadership Academy" will consist of 3 workshops and fulfillment of homework between the workshops. Each session will last for 4 full days.

In 2nd year of YLA Czech YMCA is represented by its member from a local association of YMCA Sever, Ondřej Matys.


Do you know...?

Do you know...?

Volleyball was invented in 1895 by Wiliam G. Morgan of Holyoke YMCA in the US state of Massachusetts.