Volunteers for Europe 


VfE is a volunteer exchange programme of the YMCA Europe. It utilizes the existing network of YMCAs across Europe to offer a diverse range of placement options (fields of work) in a variety of settings and environments, but all within the context of one "YMCA Movement". The programme aims to match voluteers with hosting YMCAs in a mutually beneficial partnership.

A placement can last from 1 to 12 months.

Options for financial arrangements are agreed between the hosting, the sending YMCA and the volunteer and can range from the volunteer paying all costs to placements that receive 100% funding through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) scheme. VfE is an opportunity for individual personal development to take place within a life changing experience. 

More on VfE you´ll find at http://www.ymcaeurope.com/volunteers-for-europe-vfe

Currently YMCA Bournemouth, UK, is hosting our volunteer in one-year placement in chaplaincy and housing department, see more.

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