YMCA v České republice

YMCA - Křesťanské sdružení mladých lidí (Young Men´s Christian Association) je nejstarší, největší a nejrozšířenější mládežnická organizace na světě. Usiluje o harmonický rozvoj člověka, jeho ducha, duše a těla (jak symbolizuje červený rovnostranný trojúhelník, který má YMCA ve svém znaku). Je otevřena všem lidem bez rozdílu rasy, pohlaví, náboženského vyznání, sociálního postavení, fyzických i duševních schopností.


logo Czech YMCA 100 years anniversary

On April 21, the YMCAs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (former YMCA in Czechoslovakia) celebrated 100 years since its founding. It was a big day for us and for the YMCA, which has been doing amazing job for already one century in our countries. It was founded after the First World War, thanks to the generous help from the YMCA USA and with the help of the   first president of Czechoslovakia T. G. Masaryk. Since the year 1921, YMCA shares Christian values with young people through offering safe spaces for meaningful and quality activities.

Since it is not possible to organize large public events during the pandemic, we have decided to focus on the individual way of celebrating.  On April 21, we hanged flags with the YMCA logo all over the country, not only to remember the past, but most importantly to celebrate the present.

We have also prepared a website for the public (www.ymca100.cz - only in Czech), where you can go through a brief history of the organization, download a puzzle for children and follow a route of a traveling exhibition about YMCA.


The motto of our celebrations is "Discover what really matters" - it refers to the values ​​on which our daily lives are built. We want to encourage young people to think about what is important for them in their lives. They can send themselves a message for their future selves. We will send them the message back exactly in one year and they will be able to compare if they are heading their life journey the way they wished for a year ago.

The YMCA also prepared a unique puzzle game in the center of Prague which is called "Uncover the Secret". It is a geolocation activity which is available 24 hours a day for free via a mobile phone (Android). It will stretch your brain and lead you through hidden parts of Prague 1.

 The main week of the anniversary was celebrated in the first week of June 2021 in many local associations during local events, by a challenge to walk 100 km, trips and competitions. 

Celebrate with us! Take a picture of something that you really care about and share it with the hashtag #nacemzalezi

More information you can find here: YMCA100 – Objevovat, na čem záleží